Cognopia Data Maturity

The state of data maturity in 2021 - Aspirations vs Reality

In 2020 and early 2021, Cognopia studied the state of data maturity across industries and geographies. The result is this 51-page report that dives deep into the state of data maturity today.

Our participants scored 2.61 (out of 5) on our data maturity scale. This is the "Repeatable" level and shows the need to get more Business involvement in data activities today. Tying together aspirations with reality will be key in unlocking data's true potential.

The research examines the aspirations of companies in handling data today, as well as the operational reality they face. The picture we have uncovered shows that data is increasingly being viewed as an Enterprise Asset. Unfortunately, it is not yet handled like a precious asset by all our survey participants:





Companies of all sizes are aiming to squeeze more value from their data, but their processes, policies and behaviours are holding them back. Our report examines the reasons behind these challenges, making solid recommendations on how you can ensure your firm avoids the same mistakes.

Key Findings:

  • 56% of our survey respondents say data is a strategic enabler or a competitive differentiator for their business
  • However, 35% of firms are only looking at data value in terms of cost, unable to see the bigger picture
  • Just 32% of firms have a data strategy today, the leaders have data maturity scores substantially greater than those without any strategic direction
  • Senior stakeholders are yet to embrace data governance - only 16% of firms had active participation from their most senior resources
  • A third of businesses (33%) had no dedicated budget to improve their data
  • Data Ownership remains a murky and confusing topic - 42% of firms had no data owners or relied on I.T. to play this pivotal role
  • 37% of firms knew their data was poor quality, yet still had no process in place to improve it
  • Metadata management tools are yet to hit prime-time - just 2% of participants report wide usage and adoption of these technologies
  • Data teams fail to set and measure KPIs for their own work - 77% of our respondents are unable to tell us whether things are improving as a result of their work

Our report explores these topics, and more, and aims to provide guidance and direction for anyone facing similar challenges in their own organisation. We have included 3 case studies that look at how real-world companies are overcoming the gap between their aspiration and reality.


Learn from the mistakes of others, and see how your firm can climb the maturity ladder


Includes 3 case studies that examine critical data maturity challenges in the real world


Target your own improvements by following the tips and tricks throughout the report

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